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Agua Bendita Swimwear collection 2010 is amazing!!

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Agua Bendita was founded in 2003 in Colombia  by Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza who own and design the brand. Agua Bendita is modern and sophisticated. It combines handmade elements with technological processes (such as laser technology), and is made up of very unique pieces. Agua Bendita swimwear collections are a combination of vibrant colours and playful designs.  The brand is sold in exclusive boutiques in over 30 countries world-wide including Canada!!!

Agua Bendita’s 2010 collection “Heavenly Delights” is inspired by  “sweet and delicious temptations…” The collection is for the woman who likes to be noticed and is fun spirited. The collection is youthful,very feminine, modern, sophisticated and sexy chic. It includes certain styles such as  bikinis, tankinis, one-piece suits, bandeau swimwear, cutaways. The Fabrics are richgly patterned,  brightly multicolored and feature different prints: flowers, birds, butterflies, strawberries and the bikinis are adorned with ribbons and embellishments.  The pieces in this collection are named after delicious treats, such as the Bendita Donut, Bendito Biscuit, Bendita Muffin etc.. ( ahhh the irony). “Heavenly Delights” is a temptation on its own that cannot be avoided. Therefore it makes you want to indulge yourself !
I  love this collection and it makes me feel happy and impatient for the warm summer weather to get here SOON!!! You can order this collection online at: www.swimwearboutique.com

Bendita Aventura

Bendita Donut

Bendita Dulce Tentacion

Bendita Fantasia

Bendita Fiesta

Bendita Milhoja

Bendita Princesita

Bendita Tentacion

Bendita Truffa

Bendita Vainilla

Bendito Biscuit

Bendito Brownie

Bendito Candy

Bendito Caramelo

Bendito Churro

Bendito Crocante

Bendito Flan

Bendito Ice Cream

Bendito Light

Bendito Merenguito

Bendito Muffin

Bendito Napoleon

Bendito Spa

Bendito Suspiro

Bendito Sweet


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Shoe Obsession Tuesdays: McQueen Edition!!

Alexander McQueen shoes for spring/summer 2010 were very futuristic and alien looking. They are insanely high and have interesting animalistic designs. These shoes are out of this world!! They are made for the brave shoe lovers who are actually bold enough to walk in these killer shoes!!! Dare to wear them!!!!

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