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80’s fashion Comeback!!!

I love 80’s fashion. If you love such movies as the “Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles” you will know what i’m talking about. Best part of the 80s was the music, movies, and fashion , ( not necessarily the big hair)!

80’s fashion was always unique and distinctive, for some it might have a cringing factor but 80’s fashion trends have made a big comeback with designers. Shoulder pads (power shoulders) were a huge trend in the 80s and upsleeved jackets. Stonewashed tight skinny jeans were also a big trend.  Tights and leggings whether they were patterned, coloured, embroidered and spandex were a stable of the 80’s look. Some other 80s trends include: Oversized off the shoulder shirts and t-shirts( think “Flashdance” !) , denim jackets, flannel shirts and leather jackets. Accessories played a big role in the 80’s dress code. The jewelry was loud and colourful, consisting of jelly bracelets, mirror sunglasses.Wedges were the shoes of the eighties. The make-up of the 80s was also very dramatic, loud and colourful.

It’s incredible to see that most of these trends have made huge comeback whether it’s on the runways of some of the most popular designers in the world or  streetwear all over the world. 80s fashion has made huge comeback and has adopted  a more contemporary look.  Unsculpted boyfriend jackets with wide shoulder pads that get you noticed, oversize T-shirts, active sports wear and glittering embellishment such as studs and sequins are firmly back on the fashion radar. The trick to pulling the 80’s look and not look like you are wearing a costume is to not interpret the 80’s trends literally but mix and match pieces with contemporary pieces. The power shoulder doesn’t have to be too big and can look very elegant with a pair of soft pants or skinny jeans and platform shoes.

Here are of the 80s styles that are making a comeback:


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Shoe Obsession Tuesdays!!!

This week I have included my favorite shoes from the Spring/Summer 2010 collections. The shoes I’ve selected are  insane( in a good way),  shoes which put high heels and platforms to different heights! Here are some of the sickest shoes of Spring/Summer 2010 season!!! Enjoy!!! First are the Versace’s Spring/Summer 2010 sky high heels! They have  a futuristic and colourfully playful  look.  Next are shoes from the Sergio Rossi’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection! I love the design of  his shoes!!! Next are the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2010 shoes. This season Givenchy is all about the wedge, not just any wedge though, its the crazy sky- high wedge. They look amazing, but it must be crazy to walk in them. I don’t think I’m that brave!!! Lastly,  are the Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2010 shoes. I love the vibrant colours and design of the shoes this season!!!

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Montreal Fashion and Design Festival 2010


The Montreal Fashion and Design Festival 2010 is one of the biggest fashion events in Canada! It will be held  in the heart of downton Montreal on McGill College Avenue. This Festival features 150 national and international designers and fashion labels. One of the highlights of this event is that 50 outdoor fashion shows will be presented from  August 4 to August 7 from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am. Some of the desingbers featured are: Check out their  Spring 2010 collections!

Andy The-Anh( ), Christian Chenail( , Barila(, Collection Iris ( , Dinh Ba Design(, Helmer ( ,  Marie Saint Pierre(, Tavam & Mitto(, Marisa Minicucci (, Nadya Toto ( , Lune Noire.

Its going to be a great event , full of performances and fashion runways. If you are in Montreal or want to make a trip of it you should go to some of the shows!!! Guess what!!!!  All outdoor fashion shows and concerts are FREE!!!! I will be there and I will be blogging about the shows and include pics and fashion scoops!!! I will update this post with a new schedule and times for the shoes very SOON!!!

Learn more about the Montreal Fashion and Design Festival at :

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F.A.T Fashion Art Toronto Day 4

The theme of day 4, final day at FAT was Joy,this day showcased artists and collections which embody the whimsical, playful and outrageous. And the runways shows that I attended were just that.  The first runway show was Kristy McKenzie’s collection.   Her collection exploded with colour and creativity. It was very flamboyant,  full of head pieces and graphic prints. The dresses were innovative and screaming  with bright colours such as neon pink, greens, yellows and blues. The Next collection by Avendano was very feminine and elegant. The clothes possessed very refined womanly details. I also liked the collection by Belinda Visag which was full of playfulness and very romantic. The cut of  her pieces was very feminine and quite wearable,  full of different textures. Please enjoy some shots of the collections I talked about on this post. FAT definitely closed with a bang and this year’s event was very successful!  Last night did indeed give me a lot of JOY!!! Can’t wait for next year!!

First 3 shots are from Kristy McKenzie’s collection, followed by 3 pieces from Avendano and the las 3 are from Belinda Visag’s runway show! Enojy

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F.A.T: Fashion Art Toronto Day 3

The theme of Day 3 at FAT was Rage: Rage investigates a raw, youthful energy that is fighting, fiery and engaged. This night is looking at how we express and reinvent ourselves through clothes when we are unsatisfied and out to change the status quo. Designers and artists expose the exploding, conflicted and powerful tendencies of frustration.

Some of the highlights of Day 3: The first show Worth, by David. C. Wigley, “Alice” collection inspire after Alice in Wonderland by Weny NG for Dystropolis, Future State and Youth in Asia by Joshua Shier.

Wendy Ng’s collection Alice is inspired by the children’s story Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, the song “Alice” by Tom Waits, and the album “Boys for Pele” by Tori Amos. This collection explores her love and joy in creating that each piece is 100% “Made With Love”. The color palette focuses on black accented with blue and white. The collection displays strong silhouettes and contrasting various materials. The collection is urban and edgy and displays her adventurous style.

I was also very excited for Heidi Ackermans collection. Heidi Ackerman is a graduate Fashion Designer from Ryerson University in Toronto. She also studied at UTS in Australia and La Cambre in Brussels, where she discovered a way to combine her two greatest passions – the planet and design. Her collection was very interesting and accentuated her passion for design.

Can’t wait to see what the collections on Day 4 look like. Day 4 is Joy. Stay tuned for a post on Day 4.

Here are some pieces from David C, Wigley ( 4th photo is the designer walking out) followed by some pieces from Wendy Ng’s collection ‘Alice’ (8th photo is Wendy Ng) last four photos are from Heidi Ackermans collection9 last photo is the designer herself. While at the show I ran into Photographer Christina Degasperis who took these photos at the show. She is the house photographer for F.A.T this year.

If you want to see some of her stuff:

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Project Runway 2010 Season 7 Winner

Project Runaway Season 7 Winner was announced last night and it is 38 year old Seth Aaron Henderson.

His collection stood out from the rest due to its 1940s edgy Russian/German Military style. As winner, Henderson will receive $100,000 to continue work on his collection. I always liked him throughout the season because of his rock ‘n’ roll style and because he always stayed true to himself and his style. The judges praised his perfectly tailored designs which were more sophisticated than the other designs he had showcased throughout this season. Judge Michael Kors described his collection as ‘exhilarating and powerful’ and  Nina Garcia added that the 38 year old stylist was indeed ‘fearless’ in his designs. Furthermore, Henderson’s growth throughout the season and his unique point of view gained him the winner title.  I’m sure Seth is now getting ready to conquer the Fashion World.

Emilio Sosa who had won many of the challenges throughout the season came in second place with his collection “Color Me Bad” and featured bold reds and blues, and Mila Hermanovski took third place and presented a collection of mod pieces in black and white. The Judges praised her for taking their pointers and relaxing more from her constrictive style.

Below are some of my favorite pieces  from the winning collection, followed by the second place and third place. (First 3 pics are part of Seth Aaron Henderson’s collection, followed by 3 pieces of Emilio Sosa’s collection, lastly there are three pieces of Mila Hermanovski’s collection)

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Bronze Challenge

Summer is almost here and all the clothing layers will be coming off. And for many of us who are not avid tanners our pasty white legs an arms will be coming out. I am against tanning beds, given the many studies that have proven its linkages to skin cancer. Therefore I will be searching for the best sunless alternative. I will start a challenge to bronze myself for summer by testing all the best bronzing products our there and keep a weekly diary showcasing the results.  I’m sure it will be quite interesting. I hope I don’t look ORANGE!!! Scaryyyyy!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!

First Product I will be testing:

Guerlain ‘Terracotta’ Sunless Self-Tanning Balm

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